• What is Vudeo?
    Vudeo is a video hosting provider. We offer online storage, sophisticated uploading and video streaming tools.
    With Vudeo you can host your videos and play them online from browser / mobile devices.

  • Why should I use Vudeo?
    Whenever you need to share a video, Vudeo can help.
    We optimize quality / size of your videos and make them playable in web player. So you can start watching video quickly without downloading whole file.

  • Can I search for files other people uploaded?
    Yes, you can Search for other video files that were marked as Public.

  • What kind of files can be uploaded?
    All video format files.
    The only restrictions are for copyrighted material, pornography, nudity and any kind offensive material.
    Please refer to our TOS for more info on Vudeo terms of service.

  • How to delete a file I uploaded?
    To delete a file you uploaded you can use Delete Link that was provided to you after the upload proccess or delete it from My Videos page.

  • Can I hotlink the stuff I upload?
    No. Hotlinking is not allowed on any kind of files uploaded to our servers.

  • I still have questions!
    Don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form.